Website Design, Development and Maintenance Services

Professional Website Design, Development and Maintenance Services

Whether you’re looking for a professionally developed website or just need someone to maintain your existing website, we have website developers than can do virtually any type of website work from basic website design and development to advanced business website design. We offer two classes of website services: Basic and Advanced. Details on each are listed below. Please contact us with any questions you may have and we can discuss the best options for the website you have in mind.

Basic Business Website Services:

  • Basic business website development services (HTML web pages)
  • No Javascript, PHP, ASP/ASPX scripting, or .Net
  • Good for websites with static information, simple contact forms, with simple graphics and logos.
  • Website maintenance (HTML)

Basic Business Website services can be used:

  • To develop web content
  • For consulting with the web developers about how you want your site to look
  • For telephone consultations and/or meetings to discuss website content, design changes and/or additions.

Basic Website Services is purchased by the hour. Our developers can also come to your office but higher rates and travel fees apply.

Advanced Business Website Services:

  • Advanced website development services using scripting technologies such as Javascript, PHP, ASP/ASPX, and/or .Net
  • Special HTML DOM (Document Object Model) based web pages
  • Interactive websites requiring database integration, design and/or development
  • Setup and publishing of a Joomla or WordPress Content Management System based website
  • Website maintenance (CMS, PHP, ASP/ASPX, .Net...)

Advanced Business Website Services can be used for:

  • Build and/or maintain websites based on PHP, ASP/ASPX, .Net...
  • Build and/or maintain websites that are database driven such as Online Product Catalogs, Online Order forms, e-commerce solutions, CMS
  • Create advanced feed back or registration forms
  • Specialized websites for document uploading/downloading
  • With advanced scripting technologies the possibilities are limitless.

Advanced Business Website Services require a higher level of skill than Basic Business Website Services and may cost more per hour.