m80.Net is the internet and web services division of Electrosonics, Inc.

m80.Net has been providing email hosting, web site hosting and web site development since November of 2001. Over the years we have developed a wide number of web sites and hosted on a variety of hosting platforms.

Today we have two hosting centers that each specialize in what platforms they support.

We got tired of our web sites getting hacked several times a year that were co-located at two of the major hosting companies so we built our own cloud based hosting platform. The replacement hosting platform is built with security in mind.

  • Each website runs in its own security context to keep co-located websites safe from attacks and hacking in the event one of the other hosted sites gets hacked.
  • Web site content, log files, and database backups are done daily and copied to the cloud for safekeeping. We keep daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly copies of backed up files allowing recovery at virtually any point in time.
  • Operating System security patches are automatically installed daily to reduce the servers vulnerability to exploits.

We are very pleased with the performance and security offered our latest hosting platform.

You can reach us at 586-415-5555 Monday-Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM. We are closed on national holidays.