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How to Import a FrontPage Website
From the Server to a local machine with all the FrontPage components intact

  1. Open the Microsoft FrontPage website through the direct connect method.

  2. Publish the website to your local machine

  3. Click the Options button (To expand and show all options)

  4. Select the publish all pages choice

  5. If using subwebs, check include subwebs

  6. Click publish (A popup should appear with a status of the publish)

  7. If you are using Server Components an alert box will appear alerting your that your Server Components will not work unless the website is published to a Web Server with FrontPage Server Extensions installed;  just Click Continue

  8. When the publish is complete a dialog box with say the publish was successfull

  9. Now you have a copy of your website on your local machine with all the FrontPage components intact

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