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Website Design and Development Services

Professional Web Site Development Services

Whether your looking for a professionally developed web site or just need someone to maintain your existing web site, we have web site developers than can do virtually any type of web site work from Basic Website design and development to Advanced Business website design.

Basic Business Website Design:

$75 per hour

Basic Website Design includes:

Basic Website Design time can be used:

Basic Website design and development is purchased by the hour. Basic website design is $75.00 an hour, sold in blocks of 4 hours, with an initial deposit of $600, worth 8hrs. of time at $75.00 an hour. After the initial time is used up, additional time may be purchased in blocks of 4 hours at $75 an hour  -  $300 a block.

Our developers can also come to you office but higher rates and travel fees apply.

Advanced Business Website Design:

$150 per hour

Advance Website Design includes:

Advanced web programming and scripting technologies which require a high level of skill and programming are priced at $150 per hour.

With these technologies enhanced and advanced websites can be produced. Interactive price guides, web database integration, real time pricing and availability, online product catalogs , online order forms, advanced feed back or registration forms, e-commerce solutions, file uploading/downloading and more. With advanced scripting technologies the possibilities are limitless.

Search Engine Updates:

Give yourself an Internet Presence

Part of having an Internet presence is building a website. The other part is getting people to look at your site and buy your services or products. You want to be in front of the consumer's eye. With the optional Search Engine Update service, key pages of your website will be submitted to the major search engines on a regular basis ensuring maximum exposure you your web site.

Quarterly Updates:

$75 a quarter Annual Investment of $300

Biannual Updates:

$100 each Semester Annual Investment of $200

Single Time Updates

$150 an Update Annual Investment of $150

Give your business a search engine presence today

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