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Internet Dial Up Service with Static IP

Dial up service with a single fixed IP address for dial up users (not servers).

Use this option when you must be authenticated by a specific IP address in internet applications such as:

STATIC-IP service is not intended to be used to provide limited or unlimited public access to your equipment and/or servers. If your equipment and/or servers are going to be used by users other than the subscriber, then you need DEDICATED-IP service. See DEDICATED-IP description for additional details.

Are you looking for that performance edge but do not want or cannot get DSL or cable modem service? Then consider switching to our ISDN dial up service!  It is usually two to six times the performance of a dial up modem!

Benefits of M80.net's Internet Dial Up Service with Static IP:

Options (for additional fees): 

Internet Dial Up Pricing:

Part Number

Payment Plan


Equivalent  Monthly 

DIALUP-Y Annual  Pre-Pay $179.40 Best Value $14.95
DIALUP-Q Quarterly Pre-Pay $56.85 $18.95
DIALUP-M Monthly Pre-Pay $19.95 $19.95
STATIC-IP Monthly adder for fixed IP address. Click here for details.  $15.00

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